4. June 2013

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June 2013 (Summer Issue)


Trending, Oil on Canvas, 76” x 48” by Deb Lott


Deb Lott

I am a figurative painter, focusing on the female figure in contemporary culture. I believe my love of science fiction has had a great influence on my latest work, as what was once considered ‘just science fiction’ has become reality in my generation’s life time, for example, computer chips are now implanted into the human body and robotics are an integral part of our life. I have always incorporated the use of line in my work and in my latest series I have emphasized and exaggerated this element. In the piece ‘Trending’, two female figures appear engrossed with technology. The painting reflects contemporary culture, the figures are oblivious of each other and their surroundings and their body images are distorted to emphasize their preoccupation with trends in body image. The wires and cords encircling them symbolize the saturation of technology and computer chips are collaged in their brains referencing technically invasive procedures. www.debralott.com



Dank & Pony


Braxton W. Gaither

This work came naturally from playing a pen and paper game I play every now and again called Pathfinder! When I was making my character for this particular gaming session, it became apparent that the character, a Drow named “Dank” (the little guy) was going to be something a little different because of his companion named “Pony,” (the ape). For the people who do not know, Drow is another name for a Dark Elf. Drow just sounds neater. Either way…That’s about how it came to be, really. No estranged metaphorical disposition or deep meaning. I just wanted to draw a sweet ass looking character for neat gaming session! facebook.com/Braxtonwgaither, bwgaither.carbonmade.com




June’s monthly interview is with local inker for DC Comics Jay Leiston. The interview was conducted by Keith Waitd, of Arts-Louisville.com (Click on image above to view full story)

See the full video here:


This month Vallorie Henderson Business Consultant, Louisville SBDC, provides us advice on how artists can be more successful by operating a s a small business. (Click on image to view full story)



The Duo


Kristen Warning

Looking at my photographs you can see my genuine loves. If there is a chance to be outside with my camera, I’m there, whether it is for just for a few minutes, or when the opportunity arises, for several hours. My love of horses has been nurtured since childhood, with collections of books and statues being ample substitutes for the real thing until I found myself working at a dude ranch with a herd of 70 horses. It was there I found myself carrying my point & shoot camera enjoying morning round-ups and three-hour trail rides. Now I have my own horse, a much nicer camera, and an abundance of equine subjects to capture emotion, motion, mannerisms, and the variable lines of these beautiful animals. When it comes to nature, landscapes, and other subjects of interest, I enjoy finding several angles to photograph them from, just to see how the same subjects look different. Bees on flowers, the sun behind flower petals, and an old barn will all have a different appeal at different times of the day, which is a lovely challenge to capture. My photographs are images that I hope are engaging to people, provoking thoughts of where, how, what, and so on. My art captures magical moments that open doors to thinking, wonder, and enjoyment. facebook.com/KristenWarningPhotography 



Spotted in an alley way behind the Henry Clay building parking garage on 3rd Street.

“The artist is clearly a squirrel ;-)
- Matt Ruben